Meet Our Founder & CEO, Mariel Cunningham

We caught up with Mariel Cunningham, the Founder and CEO of the exclusive experience concierge, Porter & Pearl. She discusses her life experiences, success, and how she is in the business of making people’s dreams come true by catering to their lavish custom requests.

Impressive, right? Meeting ultra-wealthy people and arranging exclusive experiences for them is not common, we know. Let’s dig in a little more about how she created this life and business.

Mariel grew up in the United Kingdom but relocated to Sydney, Australia where she spent ten years working in senior management roles at marketing and advertising agencies. When she moved to the United States in 2018, she decided to try her hand at something different and joined a tech start-up company that operated as a digital experience platform (think Omaze meets Airbnb Experiences). The start-up environment was demanding with long hours and a heavy workload but her passion and efforts were rewarded when she was quickly promoted to the Director of Premium Experiences. Here she learned to cater to the unique requests of high net-worth individuals and their sky's-the-limit demands.

This was by far the greatest position she's ever held (until of course she started her own company). Clients' requirements varied from day to day, whether it be a birthday video message from an A-list celebrity, sourcing an original lightsaber from a Star Wars film, or arranging a TV-set visit to a popular Netflix show. All whilst raising hundreds of thousands for charity. It felt like a “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” career.

Unfortunately, like how many start-up stories go, her dream job was cut short when the company was acquired. But that didn’t deter Mariel. She had become so committed to her dream profession and the opportunities it brought that she decided to launch her own exclusive experience concierge company and so Porter & Pearl was born.

From day one, she had clients knocking on her door to have their exclusive custom requests fulfilled and to gain access to special events and experiences. Mariel loves her profession and says, “It’s glamorous like the Selling Sunsets TV show but instead of luxury houses, I’m selling luxury experiences. Oh and without the drama!”

Since opening its doors for business, Mariel's luxury concierge firm, Porter & Pearl, has thrived. She even expanded her services to include high-end travel booking, personal styling, and unique culinary experiences. As daring as she is, Mariel decided to pivot her company during the pandemic lockdown. Demand increased for more digital celebrity experiences such as online meet-and-greets and personalized video messages.

She also saw a surge in interest for sports and entertainment memorabilia, where she sourced items such as the fedora hat worn by Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom and an original screen-matched, Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars: A New Hope. Her company serves clients all over the world and continues to adapt to today's ever-changing economic climate and trends.

Now that the world has re-opened after the pandemic, people are more eager than ever to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences (this is where Mariel comes in). There is a renewed appreciation for the finer things in life, and people are excited to spend their money on luxurious vacations, exclusive VIP events, and opulent items. It’s no wonder she has garnered a reputation as "The Luxe Concierge".

The Porter & Pearl motto is, Experience Extraordinary, which stems from her belief that truly no request is too big. She has arranged everything from a private rock concert in a small town in Canada with Vince Neil, the former lead singer of Mötley Crüe, to backstage meet-and-greets with The Rolling Stones, to walking the red carpet with Will Smith at the Bad Boys for Life, Hollywood premier and everything in between. If you have the money then she has the access. No two days are the same and as far as Mariel is concerned the wilder the request, the better!

What would you do if money was no object? Speak to Mariel today about how to make your dreams come true.


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